Out of the fog…

I love foggy walks in the mornings where I slowly blink the sleep out of my eyes and the world comes into focus.  And where my mind latches onto one idea and then another and I make up ways to remember these all the way home.  (I know–I should carry a notebook, but sometimes it seems that I free my mind by not having anything available to write in.)

Today I walked down the hill to the bridge.  The banks of the redefined brook still surprise me, and the first line of a poem popped into my head.  I try to write a poem every morning, but I didn’t want the line so soon.  I would have to remember it for the rest of my walk and I know how one thought leads to another and another and the first thought is gone like the wisps of fog.  I told myself I’d only have that line, I wouldn’t work on any more, and I continued walking, reciting the line over and over so I could remember it.

Of course, the part of the brain that doesn’t take any orders popped out the rest of the poem to the rhythm of my footsteps.  I climbed the hill, now reciting three lines.

Halfway through my walk, headed down the other side of the hill, trying to come up with ways to remember the poem, I realized the scene I muddled around with yesterday has to be entirely rewritten.  But now I knew how.

All I had to do was remember the rest of the way home.


Current book:  Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins


After a terrific weekend Schmooze (you can read more and see pictures of me with my eyes closed at jbknowles or anom3 or tamra_wight), I’m trying to catch up with reading and writing and the house stuff.

I took a wonderful walk with my gimpy dog this morning. I almost didn’t go, but when I said, “We really should take a walk,” he got so excited and was dancing around the living room.  He never limped the whole time we were outside, sniffing and running in the wet grass and crispy leaves. Of course, he can’t put his food down now that we’re back in the house.

A silent blue heron flew over us in the fog. Beautiful. I should carry my camera.

I’m really enjoying Jennifer Laughran’s new book blog–except for the fact that my to-read list is growing way too fast.  Read it here: http://literaticat.tumblr.com if you dare!

On Thursday I leave for a 3-day writing retreat in Oregon where I’ll see classmates and former instructors from VCFA.  We’ll be discussing wip’s, books we’ve read, writing topics, and I’m sure lots more, as well as spending time writing and reading.  I’m looking forward to it!

I’m also looking forward to finishing this draft.  So I can start over.  Yup.  Funny things I look forward to sometimes.


Current book: Bordertown edited by Holly Black and Ellen Kushner.  I like to read a couple stories between books.